Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day #1 Traveling to London

Day #1 
Travel Day From Fort Myers to London

Day One consisted of travel, travel and more travel. We boarded the bus at four pm and hit the road to Miami. With our one backpack each, we traveled light to make this trip the most enjoyable. Everyone was so excited. We talked about all the things we brought, and all the things we wanted to do in the United Kingdom. Once we got to the airport, we said goodbye to the bus driver and grabbed our bags and headed to the ticket counters. Next stop was security, which was a breeze, we zoomed through split up and relaxed, scavenged and explored the MIA terminal. We board at gate F-19 at 8:10 pm and we were off the ground by 9 pm and on our way. We traveled Virgin Atlantic and started to soar into the future,skipping ahead by 5 hours. After we ate a nice dinner, some fell asleep the rest of us started watching movies and chatting with the in-seat chatting.
Everyone is here, and just waiting for the Bus.
Here we are outside of the Art Complex ready to load the Party Bus to MIA.
Loaded on the bus. Everyone is so excited.
Chilling in the terminal by our gate with Mary C. & Maria.
Gerritt is super excited about the Piccadilly Circus.
Passport & Boarding Pass in hand; we are ready to board the plane.
We get a traveling kit at our seat which includes a pillow, blanket, headphones, ear plugs, eye patch, socks, toothbrush, paste and pen. 
Our entertainment for the flight consisted of video games, movies, music, and seat-to-seat chatting.
 Dinner was served with a salad, bread and entree of our choice. 

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