Friday, August 2, 2013

Day #2!

 Day 2 of our study abroad trip, (the first actual day in London).
 Even though we were all exhausted from the flight, the itinerary stated that we had a play called The 39 Steps to see that night at 8:00pm. So, after we all got situated at the hostel, had a bite to eat, and explored some, we attended the show. Afterwards, Mary B and I hung out and met a lot of people from different countries back at the hostel, "Clink 78."

The FGCU UK Group finally arriving at Heathrow Airport after an 8 hour flight from Miami International Airport. They don't call 'em bathrooms here!
Gerritt and Mary B walking through Heathrow Airport towards 'the Tube,' (subway), to travel to King's Cross station. That's where our hostel, "Clink 78" is located.

Part of the gang! Maria, Elizabeth, Mary C., Elsie and myself, waiting for Gerritt to get tickets for the Tube.
After about an hour ride on the Tube from Heathrow Airport, we arrived at our stop at King's Cross Station. Now for the 10 minute walk to the hostel, "Clink 78."

We're actually in London! Even the cars are cool looking!
A real-life double-decker bus! Haha.

Mary B. and I, after getting situated in the Hostel. Now we're on a mission to find a money exchange place and an ATM called Barclays, which is affiliated with Bank of America. Using Barclays will eliminate the worry of high fees.
Elsie, Maria, Mary C., Mary B., and Elizabeth eating lunch at a Chinese restaurant.
Note to self: Restaurants in London do not take well to requesting individual checks. The waitresses were literally staring at us while we were eating our food. Food was delicious though!
After lunch, Cecile and I hung outside of the Hostel on the steps. Here, there were a bunch of people from different areas of the world. Cecile and I talked to this guy named Toby, from Germany, for a while. It was also nice to be outside in the cool air because the hostel was a little warm.  We stayed here until it was time to get ready for The 39 Steps.

Here's where we'll be seeing our first play! We arrived early so we had about an hour and a half of free time. During this time, Mary B. and I walked around and grabbed a bite to eat, (about 4 hours after the Chinese restaurant.)
During our walk we saw an announcement about the royal baby! Seeing this gave us an actual sense of "we're not in America anymore!"

In Florida, TGI Fridays is Mary B. and I's favorite restaurant. I don't know why we were so shocked to see the chain here in London, but we were so I had to snap a picture! (We didn't eat here though.)
Instead, we ate at a hole-in-the-wall joint. I had a lamb shawarma sandwich and Mary B. had a lamb burger. The food was a little dry, but tasty nonetheless. The highlight though of this restaurant were these super cute ketchup dispensers! Haha
Time for the show! It was full of comedy and suspense. The venue itself was gorgeous too. Oh, and we were in the very first row!

After the wonderful play, Mary B. and I decided to go downstairs and meet more people. I took pictures with almost everyone I met! Here we have Toby from Ireland and Hannah from Australia.

This is Weebs. That's his stage name. He goes by it because his real name is Egyptian and translates to "newborn baby." I can see why he doesn't care for it.
Roland from Cambodia!
Michael from Italy (and Mary B. in the background).

The second day was packed with activities. From the moment the FGCU UK group got off the 'Tube' at Kings Cross we had plans to fulfull. Mary B. and I were the only ones crazy enough (as well as an overload of energy) to continue to meet and mingle at Clink 78 after seeing The 39 Steps.

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